Are You Using Social Media As Your Customer Service “Shot To The Heart” ?

Two days ago a customer called me in frustration over not being able to reach their software publisher for assistance on a routine (but important) administrative matter.

This is the not the first time I’ve had a customer experience this type of issue. When they’re unable to reach the proper department within the company they often call us for help thinking that we have a magical phone extension to get them results. In some cases we do. In other cases there’s typically a deeper problem within the company they’re trying to contact.

I too had difficulty reaching the customer service representative. I’d left two days of messages and voicemails but nothing was gathering a response to my questions.

Finally a quick social media posting evoked this response (which is verbatim what I shared with my 90 Minds group on our private Socialcast communications system):

I posted my frustration in a comment to LinkedIn. 15 minutes later xxx called AND emailed.

I told her I was concerned xxx might have died because xxx had not responded to my customer generated request despite two days of email and phone calls.

Another 30 minutes later xxx sprang to life – I imagine much like the OD from Pulp Fiction  when they stuck a needle in her heart – and replied to my initial emails.

Social Media shouldn’t be the “needle to the heart” that gets your customer service department moving. If you’re using it that way you’ve got larger issues.

By the time things reach the “social” stage – the problem is way more advanced than it needs to be.

2 Replies to “Are You Using Social Media As Your Customer Service “Shot To The Heart” ?”

  1. Great post Wayne. I agree – this should never have reached the point that it did and it’s too bad that the individual that dropped the ball with your customer. I have to ask: was there an apology attached when she came back from the dead?

    A second underlying point from your post is the importance of monitoring social media. I would be negligent if I didn’t point out that Sage CRM allows you to do that pretty easily with their Twitter add-on and other social media connectors.

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