Summit Partner Only Sessions

Maybe I read too much into these pages.

I just stumbled across this “Who Attends” Sage Summit 2012 page and it lists certain products courses marked with an asterisk as “Partner Only”.

Some of these – such as Act! – seem like they would be of high interest to customers. Indeed Sage Act! is sold at retail so shouldn’t there be a high customer interest in attending a session?

According to the Sage Summit page – the Sage Act! courses (and seven other products as well) are partner only.

Could this be because the content is of no interest to customers and only a partner would want to attend?


Our could there be a bigger reason that might relate to discussing future development plans for the products?

The products listed with asterisks (aka partner only courses):

  • Sage Master Builder – aka Sage 100 Contractor
  • Sage Act!
  • Sage Timberline Enterprise – aka Sage 300 Trade Specialty
  • Sage BusinessVision
  • Sage BusinessWorks
  • Sage DacEasy
  • Sage TimeSheet
  • Sage Timeslips

Could these sessions be closed out to partners only because partners might hear about a roadmap falling  into the “Sunset” category?

I don’t know the answer – just an observation. Seems possible.

Also might be nothing other than typical conference planning and these courses have been closed off to the customer since forever – and I just hadn’t noticed.

Hit the link below to view the page yourself.

Who Attends