Hightower Principals Back In Business

Looks as if the former Hightower Inc principals  are reforming under a new company name – erpdevelopers.net.

Just moments ago I received an email (scroll down for the full copy) advertising this new entity with indicates that they are a “Chicago based Master Developer for Sage Software’s MAS 90 and MAS 200 ERP Solutions”.

Rob Nordin , formerly the President of now defunct Chicago IL based Hightower Inc and Jeff Rosengarden, formerly the CEO of the same firm , are both listed on the email as contacts for this new entity.

Rob’s LinkedIn profile has been updated while Jeff’s still refers to Hightower Inc.

When asked about whether ERPDevelopers was competing with SWK , who purchased the assets of Hightower Inc in June 2012, SWK CEO Jeffrey Roth noted “We have used Rob and Jeff as a subcontractor, just to help with the last few issues with getting P2 (POS) to market. The relationship with erpdevelopers.net and SWK seems to be going smoothly (and friendly).”

The SWK asset purchase does list employment agreements for both Nordin and Rosengarden with Nordin being paid for any hours over 8 per month at $150/hour and Rosengarden compensated $1,850/mo through June 2015.

No word yet from Sage on whether ERPDevelopers is indeed a certified Master Developer or is perhaps operating under some type of agreement with SWK. I’ll update when I learn more. According to Rob Nordin – “Our new company, erpDevelopers.net, has been licensed as a Sage Master Developer “.