Strangely I Can’t Find This Session On The Agenda

Looks like most of the Sage channel just received a personal invitation from Netsuite VP Channel Sales Craig West inviting them to meet for a briefing during Sage’s upcoming partner and customer conference August 14-17, 2012 in Nashville, TN.

Note: Just to be clear – though hopefully it’s very obvious –  Netsuite is NOT meeting potential partners at a Sage Summit booth or official conference session.  The mailing refers to a “session”  offered outside the conference and is not sanctioned by Sage ( Think for a minute – would Sage be inviting competitors to not only exhibit but to recruit their partners and customers…?).

No word on whether CPE might be available (just in case – that’s a joke too – you’re not going to get CPE for meeting with Craig West).

This isn’t the first time that Netsuite have aggressively recruited at Sage events. Last year they were actively meeting partners in area restaurants. The year before they rented a van and roamed the streets of Denver with a sign inviting partners to join their channel.

During the past few years several Sage partners have expanded their cloud offerings to offer Netsuite including Axis Global Partners,  Blytheco, DSD Business Systems, NEO3.

Netsuite truck image via Accounting Today

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