Sage Select Partners xkzero and MicroAccounting ‘Reunited’ Effective September 1, 2012

It’s Sage partner merger time – sort of.  Though in a way this looks like a re-marriage of sorts.

xkzero of Chicago IL and MicroAccounting of Dallas TX today announced the merger of their two companies with both retaining their individual corporate names while apparently changing the focus of each.

The two companies are familiar with each other and at one time actually shared the same name.

You may remember that xkzero was, until July 2009,  marketing themselves as MicroAccounting Chicago and indicated that they were not the same MicroAccounting of Dallas that got caught up in the whole MIS Group implosion though they had some informal agreement to market under the MicroAccounting name.

LinkedIn resumes have largely been expunged of any nightmares  memory of the MIS Group debacle.

The MIS Group was a two time Sage partner of the year with est. $25 million annual revenues and est. 2,000 to 3,00 Sage customers. The group was formed quickly through acquisitions of other Sage partners – including MicroAccounting of Dallas in 2007.

Unexpectedly to those on the outside, MIS Group shuttered over the July 4th holiday in 2009.

MicroAccounting Chicago became xkzero in July 2009 and now it remains to be marketed as xkzero though the two companies announced they’ve formally merged with each retaining separate identities.

According to the press release xkzero will continue to focus on development of applications such as their Route Sell, iSales 100, Getx search, EBM 100 and other custom application development projects. MicroAccounting will continue to focus on “world-class help desk, project management, and strategic consulting groups”.

Sage ERP VARs MicroAccounting Solutions and xkzero to Merge