CRN: Net@Work To Unveil Sage Alliance – Possibly Become “something of a Master VAR” at Sage Summit 2012

In an interview with Rick Whiting at CRN  Edward Solomon of Sage partner Net@Work reveals that his company will unveil an alliance program at the upcoming Sage conference.

According to the article this alliance is “something of a Master VAR” and ” Sage execs were receptive to the idea”.

Although the term Master VAR has not been formally used by Sage in North America – Microsoft has clearly embraced the idea which involves one partner acting as a master company for any number of smaller firms. The master VAR is tasked with managing orders and presumably meeting both marketing and sales targets.

Based on the article it’s unclear if the Master VAR description is a paraphrase or direct quote from Ed. I’d previously noted that Sage partner Blytheco’s hiring of CEO Lori Seal may also be a signal that they would like to participate as a Master VAR / Affiliate should Sage bless the concept formally.

Another Sage partner, Jeff Roth of SWK Technologies, mentioned a program for Sage North American partners with details to be released in the coming weeks/months. While it’s unclear what the program details are – the comparison in the tweet is to ITA or Information Technology Alliance which is an independent, membership association of leading mid-market technology professionals, consultants, and product/service providers in North America..

Here’s the paragraph from CRN describing the Net@Work program:

New York-based IT service and solution provider Net@Work, which has become one of Sage’s biggest partners, plans to unveil at Sage Summit an alliance program that builds on Sage’s efforts to get more partners who sell specific Sage products to work with each other. Net@Work pitched the alliance program to Sage execs who co-president Edward Solomon said were receptive to the idea, which would make Net@Work something of a master VAR.

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  1. Wayne,

    First, allow me thank you for using this picture of me. It’s like you’ve discovered my fountain of youth.

    We are very excited about our Alliance Program and the opportunity to collaborate with our Sage community of vars. We look forward to seeing you all at Sage Summit (first time we’ll have a booth) and need your feedback so that this can become a program that is of value to us all.

    Best regard,


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