Sage Summit 2012 Partner Keynote – YouTube

Last week Sage sent around a link to a full version of a streaming video of their Sage Summit 2012 partner keynote. There was just one problem – the video was encoded in streaming Windows Media WMV format. Most MAC and mobile devices cannot easily playback that format without some additional plugins.

Earth to Sage North America – 1995 called and they’d like their video encoding technology back. Oh, and by the way –  there’s a sizable number of users who are on MAC or iOS devices and therefore unable to easily view your WMV of the partner keynote that you sent around. Let’s focus on spreading the love for other platforms, ok?

Here’s a YouTube version of the keynote  which is viewable without having to install kludgy MAC plugins or have Windows Media installed.

Anyone besides me find it ironic and funny that the main topic of Sage Summit 2012 was mobile – yet Sage sends a copy of their keynote in a format not readily accessible by mobile.

See also cognitive dissonance.


Sage Summit 2012 Keynote – YouTube

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