Sage Partners On Google+

If you are an active Google+ user and currently certified Sage Partner – please message me on Google+ so that I can add you to my Sage VARS circle which will enable us to privately share links, etc.

If you’re not convinced of Google+ as a service – I can’t say that I disagree however I’m going to try to filter more of my content to one or two social networks that are not as susceptible to censorship.  Here’s a good explanation of how Google+ circles work:

Let me start with the basics. Google circles are a way of organizing the people you choose to follow on Google+. People can add you to their circles, but they’ll only see your posts that you choose to make public, unless you add them to one or more of your circles.

So, for example, if you post “I really like Spotify [the new online music service]” to the public, everyone who has you in one of their circles can see it. If you post it to your “Friends” circle only the people you’ve placed in your Friends circle will be able to read it.

You can also leave a link to your Google+ profile in the comments.

Here’s my current shared circle of Sage VARS. Over the next week I’ll prune off everyone who has not posted anything in a while to Google+ If you’re a Sage partner and active on Google+ let me know so I can add you (use the comments or leave me a message via my Google+ profile link below.

Wayne Schulz on Google+

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