Is Accountmate Baked From Too Much Sun ?

Once again Accountmate is on a recruiting drive with Sage partners. I just received an email titled “Is Sage’s X3 Half Baked?

This is a fair question – though the only proof of this that Accountmate gives is “According to dealers and industry experts, Sage X3 is still a work in progress”. I’m guessing that they are referring to various web posts – chiefly from Bob Scott – where the readiness of Sage ERP X3 is called into question.

However it’s not possible to tell because there’s no other information about WHAT isn’t ready with Sage ERP X3.

And it gets even crazier from there.

Accountmate leaps into a pitch to use their software which based on the description given in the email isn’t quite full baked either.

If my reading of this email is correct – in order to use Accountmate for Manufacturing you must use third party software from Tamlin Software.

Como Say What?

For those playing at home – Sage ERP X3 = not ready because some unnamed dealers an industry experts say it’s not

Accountmate = ready but only when coupled with a third part add-on.

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