Facebook Groups Get Their Chat Back

Facebook had taken away the group chat capabilities of many of the Facebook Groups I participate in. This morning I just noticed that it is returning on some – but not all (yet) groups.

I’ve no idea if this return is due to complaints or if Facebook had taken group chat offline to retool it.

You’ve continued to be able to group chat through Facebook Messenger – it’s just the ability to start a group chat from within a Facebook Group that had been taken away.

Many people within groups were complaining about that loss of functionality which seemed to disappear from most groups about two to three weeks ago.

3 Replies to “Facebook Groups Get Their Chat Back”

  1. It is interesting how they can take the group chat away over night, but to bring it back good take eternity. Plus there is now explanation on why they did it, ‘we are not worthy’ for explanations.

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