Sage 500 ERP Customer Letter: We’ll Be Here At Least 5 Years – Sage ERP X3 Is Your Migration Path

Here’s Sage’s email to their Sage 500 ERP customers. In the email they explain the recent Sage Summit 2012 announcement that Sage 500 ERP will receive at least 5 more years’ support.

I think if I were a Sage 500 ERP customer I’d be confused. After all the email lays out some hope that Sage 500 ERP will be supported for more than 5 years (using wording that says “at least 5 years“).

Will this be enough to nudge people to upgrade to ERP X3? Probably not but it’s likely  only step one in Sage’s master Sage 500 ERP migration plan. The second to the last paragraph pretty clearly lays out Sage ERP X3 as the migration path for Sage 500 ERP users.

For those who may want to explore Sage ERP X3, we are developing a clear migration strategy for Sage 500 ERP to Sage ERP X3, including future cloud and mobile solutions. We understand that you’ve made a significant investment in Sage 500 ERP, and when the time is right for you to transition your business to Sage ERP X3, we will work with you to minimize the learning curve and impact on your investment.

Sage 500 ERP Announcement