Free Assessment, Free Quote, Free Analysis, No Obligation = Partner No Longer In Business

The new lead reality is that customers don’t know what they want except they would like …

  • A free assessment
  • Free consulting to help figure out what they want
  • Free consulting to test the solution being considered
  • Free workflow or business process planning or suggestions
  • Free recommendations about alternative options
  • Free demo
  • Absolutely no obligation to purchase or to communicate  ever again with the consultant once  a free proposal has been delivered

My observation is that virtually all new ERP leads are in verticals where there is a highly specialized unique need – often unmatched by any type of realistic budget or any true understanding of the complexity of the ERP required to solve the business problem(s).

And like lemings off a cliff there’s a material number of partners who chase these leads – right off the cliff.

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  1. aina mardhiah says:

    i am interested on buying your software and i am from malaysia. my budget is MYR15000 approximate 5000USD. what is your best price you can give. TQ