Use Google Advanced Search For Competitive Research

Did you know there’s a quick way to use Google and  search online for new publicly posted documents from any company you may be researching?

The key is to use the SITE: filter to limit results to JUST the company domain in question. When you are typing in your search – simply insert the filter SITE: followed by the top level domain of the company you are researching.

Example – to search this site you’d type in SITE:ERPLIFE.COM followed by a space and then your search.

You’ll see that when you filter out results that the only pages returned are those that are both from the domain you are searching and which contain your search term(s)

You can further narrow results by using FILETYPE: and searching for just files of a specific type such as PDF or JPG.

Use Google Advanced Search if you can’t remember the syntax to type directly into a Google search field.

Google Advanced Search

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