Masterful Marketing Aided By Pageview Journalists

As I read many of the Apple live blogs from the iPhone 5 announcement earlier this week I was suddenly aware that there’s something odd that goes on at these events.

These are supposed to be press events – where journalists report and objectively analyze news.

Yet the people attending (journalists) are hooting, hollering and clapping at the product announcements.


Many of these journalists make enormous sums of money from their “live blogs” which are essentially word by word descriptions of the event. Apple does not live stream their announcements but usually provides a video recap a few hours later.

Tech “journalists” have seized the opportunity and now swarm in to provide live blow by blow coverage. This is a huge increase in site traffic for most and as a result it increases opportunities to sell ads and sponsorship.

So how objective can this coverage be?

An invite to the Apple event is not a sure thing either. Many journalists are not invited. Some are not invited back. Given this tight access – how likely is it that any journalist who is invited will publish something critical about Apple?

This post describes the atmosphere as “Pageview journalism” where all that really matters is how many times someone looks at the page (to generate an ad view).

Increasingly I agree.

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