Paid Business Process Review

This morning I spotted a press release announcing the 10th anniversary of Netsuite partner Lohmueller.

I swung by their site to  see how a veteran SaaS VAR has adapted to the process of selling a service which largely eliminates the break/fix type services that most consultants are now billing.

I like their website – mostly because it sets the expectations for any prospective customer about what the sales process will be like.

Getting past the “come show me a free demo” is the single most difficult task I’ve encountered – and one I believe is critical for VARS moving to a cloud based  offering.

These guys took “free demo” off the menu and have done a good job at setting the expectations of what their presumably fee based process entails.

Worth a look – scroll down to the bottom of their page to see how they tell prospective customers what their methodology is.

Do you have a methodology that you follow or are you so overjoyed to get a lead that you launch into the process review, demo, proposal and ultimately the project?

Lohmueller follows a 5 step process. I’ll bet most prospects get a choice to either follow the paid process or find another partner.

The layout and explanation of the process is one of the smoothest that I’ve seen online.

1. Business Process Review
2. Prototype, Customize and Test
3. Setup and Configure
4. Deploy and Training
5. Ongoing and Operations

How many of these steps do VARS give away free — mostly because we fear the sting of “no thanks” from an increasingly scarce pool of prospects.

My observation is most partners only start charging at step (4) and some are still performing “pay as you go” for step (5).

And we wonder why VARS are closing up shop and merging in droves because they’re unprofitable.


Been wondering what the model for the VAR of the future is? You’ve found it.


Lohmueller via

Lohmueller Consulting Marks 10th Anniversary as NetSuite Solution Provider