Citrix’s GotoAssist Appears To Be Experiencing Widespread Outage

Popular web based remote support tool GotoAssist is apparently having a bad Monday morning. The service, owned by Citrix, appears to be down with many users taking to Twitter and Citrix replying that they have no estimate on the time when connectivity may be restored.

UPDATE 10-12-12: Outage appears to be over. Total down time seems to be about 2 hours based upon when I first spotted the initial outage reports to when the system started allowing logins.


GotoAssist Service Status

2 Replies to “Citrix’s GotoAssist Appears To Be Experiencing Widespread Outage”

  1. It’s been down today again since around 8am PST, it is now 11:20am. Love the tool, but we rely on it too heavily to not be able to support our customers.

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