Sage Blesses Master VARS (Opinion)

A story just went live on Bob Scott’s Insights (link) that describes how Sage’s largest partner is offering hosting of applications. The real news however is not the hosting but in the remainder of the story where Bob Scott quotes Alex Solomon, Co-President of Net@Work.

Net@Work has also introduced a partner alliance program that offers resellers a variety of ways to work with Net@Work, including use of its services or its authorization to carry products. For example, Solomon said, if an accounting VAR Does not want to carry CRM, Net@Work can handle all those opportunities under the affiliates name or not depending on the business owner’s preferences. Resellers can also choose to simple let Net@Work provide services the reseller cannot or does not wish to offer. Solomon’s company also gives other resellers the chance to do business under Net@Work’s brand. “They keep serving customers of their core program,”

Someone please pinch me and tell me how this is not a Master VAR type program (similar to what Microsoft have already introduced) where partners essentially obtain product and services through one very large VAR (think distributor) thus bypassing the software publisher almost entirely.

I’m sure there are some fine details such as continuing to pay tribute remain certified with Sage – however if this program expands just watch as other large partners such as perhaps SWK and Blytheco jump in with both feet.

So far as I’m aware it was less than a year ago when software publishers pitched major “breath holding” fits over these types of arrangements.

The cheese is moving.

via: Bob Scott’s Insights

Disclosure: Schulz Consulting is a local operating office of DSD Business Systems whose organization has at various times been criticized similarly.