Sage Reintroduces Symposiums – December 6, 2012 in Houston TX

Sage Symposium starts December 6, 2012 in Houston TX. You may remember a few years back when Sage toured around the country in what was essentially a mini-Sage Summit open to customers who perhaps did not want to travel to a conference.

I attended the symposium they held several years ago in Boston. It was fairly well attended (perhaps 150 customers and another 50 partners) and very similar to a Summit type event.

Expect to see this start up again with educational seminars on product road maps and tips/tricks for Sage 100, 300, 500, X3. The schedule will likely include up to another dozen states depending upon attendance at the initial round of events.

Of course the main point of symposiums is to educate and cross-sell products and identify candidates for migrations.

The last round of Symposiums was not repeated (except for very recently starting last year with what appeared to be some tests which reportedly attracted light attendance due to limited promotion).  I’m unsure whether Sage found they were able to cross-sell or monetize the event to the extent they’d originally planned.

The 25th, 50th and 80th person to register will each win a $15 Starbucks gift card – just in time for their special fall drinks!

Sage generally sends their “A Team” to these events – so those with technical or product questions should attend without fear that this is a pure sales pitch. and LinkedIN Sage Symposium Group