60% of Sage’s New Zealand Partners Are Growing An Average 76%

Sage New Zealand held a partner conference November 15-20, 2012 in Wellington.

There were two items from a news report which caught my eye.

The first was Sage Managing Director Mike Lorge who states that “60% of partners [in ANZ] grew in 2012” and of those who grew the average rate was 76%.

Now I don’t know the metric by which they measured growth – was it product sales only, consulting, a mixture – or some other measure.

But what consulting firm wouldn’t welcome 76% growth. And 60% of the New Zealand channel is growing that fast (or faster).

Secondly is a comment from Mike Lorge regarding the meaning of  non-core products.  You may recall that Sage in their July 2012 Investor day caused no amount of panic when they called out several product lines and proclaimed them “non-core”.

Since that meeting Sage in North America have been back pedaling like crazy – including creating private customer letters upon request which state how products listed as non-core are not targeted for  sunsetting but are loved just the same –  but differently – than core products.

Mike Lorge adds some color to the definition of non-core with this definition:

Sage has had to refocus to avoid diluting focus and strategy by spreading them out to too many different products. We reached a crossroads at the end of 2011 and it became time to transform our strategy. The company categorised its products and divided them in core and non-core, for the different regions, with non-core products receiving less R&D investment

In addition the article goes on to stress how Sage is betting heavily on mobility, ISV and custom mobile apps as well as a strong focus on ERP X3 partner recruitment.

Sage Gears Up For Aggressive Growth