Sage Partners SWK/Silversun and ISM Defer Nuptials

Sage partners SWK/Silversun Technologies and ISM today announced the deferral of their planned January 1, 2013 merger.

Both are very busy.

Mark Meller, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of SilverSun, stated, “Simply put, there were too many hurdles to overcome in order to make our targeted closing date of January 1, 2013. Organization charts, tax issues, and rationalization of overhead expenses were just some of the myriad of issues that needed to be addressed. Rather than race to the finish line in chaotic fashion to try to make an artificial deadline, we have agreed with ISM to suspend our negotiations for now. We will revisit the transaction after the new year when we can address these issues in a more comfortable fashion.”

Jeffrey D. Roth, CEO of SWK, added, “The negotiation process has only heightened our admiration and respect for the entire team at ISM. It is clear that SWK and ISM share the same core values; we are confident that once we are merged together, we can fully optimize our combined strengths and become a dominant force in the market. We look forward to restarting the process in 2013.”

Whether this deal happens in 2013 is anyones guess though I’d be more confident that it would if the press release provided an extended deadline.


via: Accounting Today and Press Release