This Will Be A Long Term Problem For Sage

Competing with your partners for service revenues is never a positive – assuming you want to have quality partners.

Even if this is an offer to refer customers to a professional services group (essentially partners who are subcontracting for Sage) – its not a great plan to market these services direct to the customer and also try to convince a channel to go all in on this relatively new tool.

Gary Boddington is the EVP and GM of Sage Alchemex which provides the Business Intelligence Report Writing for many Sage products.

Update 11/29/12:

Sage says what they are advertising here is a group tagged informally as SIRWA – (Sage Intelligence Report Writers Association) which is a group made up primarily of independent consultants.

I’m unsure in what capacity this group would operate – sounds a lot like a professional services group but that perhaps customers contract directly with the group member(s) and not Sage.

In any event I think it unwise long term for Sage to be involved in directly soliciting customers to use another partner for consulting service unless there’s a clear prior request by the customer (or their partner) that is not responding to an offer by Sage.

One Reply to “This Will Be A Long Term Problem For Sage”

  1. Wayne,

    Great insight here….

    I see this sometimes in our space as once the parent partner company sees that the channel partner has proven the revenue model is viable then the parent can step in with little to no risk as well.

    Seems like a bad idea yet many do just that…when we see it early we head for the opposite way:)


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