Sage Symposium Houston – Review

I just had a customer email me with a short review of their experience at Sage’s Symposium held December 6, 2012 in Houston TX. This Symposium is a traveling road show meant to introduce customers to various Sage products and provide an update about the roadmaps for products that they use.

Here’s the review:

Hi Wayne,

I attended the event in Houston today. Other than some verbal tripping over the name rebranding, the symposium was very informative. They had to pull in extra chairs for the business insights presentation.

It’s always good to have opportunities like yesterday to hear directly from the sages at Sage. And they fed us quite amply. I’m back on my diet today. Most of the participants stayed until the end for the possibility of winning an ipad.

I enjoyed the chance to visit at length with Lori Maloof, the Sage 100 (Mas90) brand manager. I emailed her to request a copy of her PowerPoint presentation, and received it before the end of the symposium.

It was a day well spent!

The future of Sage looks promising.

Sage Symposium