Is It Possible SageCRM.COM Hosting Has Only 115 Subscribers?

sage crm hosted

I don’t know when Sage started offering their hosted version of although I’ve been able to find press release info dating back to 2007.

The latest Sage earnings report issued December 5, 2012 introduces a Key Performance Indicator (KPI) “Hybrid Cloud Customers” and indicates that Sage has 115 as of 9/30/12. A footnote on Sage’s financial report indicates in part (see image above) “The 115 customers reported for this year’s results principally reflect existing customers on”.

This seems way too low for a product that has been out at least 5 years. Hopefully this figure represents some offshoot of SageCRM running on Azure. I’ve asked Sage to clarify and If I hear anything I’ll update this info.