Microsoft Surface RT – Hold Off For Now


Stopped in at Staples to look for a case for my Nexus 7. They had a display for the Microsoft Surface RT.
I think this will eventually be a great product.

The inclusion of MS Office (Home/Student) makes this ideal for kids whose schools require Office work to read and submit reports.

Unfortunately in my quick test while standing in the aisle at Staples this thing lagged something awful.

Tap. Tap. Tap. Did I not click on the Excel icon?

Oh wait – it’s just slow. like 15 seconds to eventually respond and open Excel.

Stay away from this initial release just based on widely reported instances of lags. (And, yes I do bet the patches they release(d) helped) – the next release of this device will likely be much faster and do away with these types of glitches and probably cost the same or even less that what you’re going to pay today.

Hard to say whether the Surface Pro (due in early 2013 and able to run virtually all Windows apps) will be any better. At first glance the promised battery life of 3-4 hours (“half of the RT“) seems like it will make the Pro a non-starter. Ever seen a device have BETTER battery life than what the manufacturer claims? Me neither.