Site Changes Effective February 1, 2013


Due to ongoing issues with content being siphoned from this site into third party pay sites – effective February 1, 2013 I will discontinue posting detailed Sage related updates and instead focus on providing this information privately  to interested Sage partners via one of the following:


1. Best resource – if you are an active Sage partner working with Sage 100 ERP you should join. We have over 130 members sharing and collaborating on a daily basis in our private network. This is the fastest way for an active Sage partner to share news and collaborate on technical topics.

2. For those with a more casual interest in Sage news – join my Sage partner only Facebook Group . Don’t worry – joining the group does not mean we  have to be Facebook friends and I won’t see any of your Facebook posts.  Using Facebook Groups is just the lowest common denominator way to communicate quickly with people without asking them to join yet another social network , etc. (Most people already have accounts).


From time to time I may post general links regarding Sage news however the main content will only available at one of the above links.




One Reply to “Site Changes Effective February 1, 2013”

  1. Hi Wayne – Hope life is grand for you.

    I’ve been a long time reader of ERP Lifestyle and as you know a former long time employee of Sage. I continue to serve Sage Business Partners as a mentor in the Fast Tract Marketing program conducted by Dan Kruse. The information I get from your emails gives me the helpful insights into Sage that help me better great coaching service to Sage BP’s. This is all by way of asking to be included in both and Sage partner only Facebook Group. I promise I will respect your information by keeping it to myself using it only to enhance my feeling for the Sage environment.

    Dave DeVelder

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