Under No Circumstances Should You Purchase A Windows Phone 8. None.


I’ve had my Nokia 920 which runs Windows Phone 8 for about four months. In that time I’ve given it a decent workout and used it a fair amount. I have to say I’m unimpressed by Microsoft’s attempt at a phone operating system.  The application ecosystem is not only slim (about 2/3 of the available apps seem as if they’re throwaways  designed to fool you into downloading them — thinking you are downloading the real thing – faux YouTube, faux Facebook, etc) but the ones that are there seem like they’d have been cutting edge three years ago (Facebook messages minus group chat? Hello – Microsoft. The 1980s called. They want their chat UI back.).

The Facebook application included with Windows Phone 8 is embarrassing. The Facebook messaging is poor and lacks ability to group chat and frequently disconnects from messaging altogether leaving you to wonder where your chat partner went mid-chat.

The lack of any ability to view all your notifications in one place is deal breaker enough that you really shouldn’t need to read any more reviews before deciding to skip this mess of a smartphone operating system.

To top things off Windows Phone 8 has some crazy bugs that cause it to suddenly stop playing podcasts you’ve subscribed to from the Microsoft store. And if that bug doesn’t get you the headset bug which warbles all sound played after receiving an incoming phone call definitely will.

Sorry, we can’t play this file on your phone. Error code c00d36c4.



The camera is ok but the lens is placed smack in the middle of the phone. Enjoy looking at those pictures of your finger blocking the lens.

In short the user experience has been awful. I’m unable to think of a single person I’d recommend Windows Phone 8 for. Not one. Stay away.