Is VIP The New Beta At Sage?

Those of you on the Sage Mid-Market call on April 19, 2013 might have caught another mention of the term VIP in relation to product rollouts within Sage. Presently there is one active VIP product test which I’m aware of.

Shortly it looks like there will be another.

The question is does the term VIP mean anything except beta?

This is a good question and several partners noted that the Inventory Advisor program is presently rolling out to VIP members though they’re not quite sure what VIP means. It seems that Sage have created VIP to be more of an early experience program to provide them with feedback on rollout and marketing issues related to the products in the program.

Up next for VIP status will be mobile solutions. Sage showed these mobile products running on an iPad at last year’s Summit conference though at the time they didn’t make mention that the products were essentially renders and not even yet in beta. The products are expected to be well into the beta phase by Summit and Sage indicates that they will be soliciting for VIP testers during the conference in July.