Your Google Places Listing Is Not Compliant (Telemarketing Spam)

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If you receive a recorded message indicating that your Google Places Listing is not compliant – and you can “press one” to be connected to a representative – ignore.

One of the most prolific telemarketing schemes since the days of copier toner sales has been targeting companies across the country with automated calls masked to sound as if Google is contacting you about your online listing.

This is not Google calling.

There is no charge for Google Place listings (link).


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Wayne Schulz is a consultant who writes about the ERP industry and technology related news.

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  1. Ahh Haha, i have been ignoring these calls about my business & today decided to press #1 to see what’s up with my “Non compliance listing”… The lady spoke well & was very nice. I noticed a busy room (phones ringing) with office type background atmosphere (real?) She was listing some items that was not coming up when searching my business name (pics, maps…) So for a small fee she could help me with that. She also said i could do it my self for free! That’s when i hung-up to searched this out.

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