New Premium Services Portfolio


Not sure what this is describing.

The job title for this listing is Sr. Director, Portfolio Management -Sage – Irvine, CA. The listing (link) certainly sounds as if it could lead to Sage offering additional services offered to customers who are on a support plan.

Here’s the part that caught my eye:

Design, execute and manage a new set of premium support services that will be supplemental to the existing Business Care suite that offers business advisory services. Position may require unifying existing support offerings into a cohesive program.

It could be for any product line – there’s no mention of which product(s). The company is also advertising for a Business Advisory Consultant for small business which will work with an existing new Business Monitoring product.

Sage Job Listing

via: LinkedIn Job Listing – Sr. Director, Portfolio Management


Another position – this one out of Atlanta – seems to be centered around the same new service though this indicates it’s a business monitoring service for small business customers (no mention of mid-market).

business advisory consultant


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