Symposium Perks?

sage symposium


Rumor had it from two sources that customers attending the Sage Symposiums (of which I believe there is only one more scheduled tomorrow in Philadelphia )  might  receive a special offer.

At least two people told me that Sage would extend a 50% discount off Sage Summit 2013 admission to customers attending one of the Symposiums.

UPDATE May 20, 2013: According to one person who attended Sage have indicated that they are eligible for a 50% discount off their Sage Summit attendance.

A Sage partner at the Symposium reports back that there was no offer they heard and Sage didn’t  indicate they had made any decision about offering such a promotion to attendees.

It’s possible that this offer will go out after the Symposium in a thank you note of some type but as of now it does not look like the 50% promo was extended during the Symposium itself.

Wayne Schulz is a consultant who writes about the ERP industry and technology related news.