Salesforce Introduces Mobile Government Solutions

salesforce governement solutions

Salesforce is hoping to reach into the government agency with 4 mobile solutions announced today.

Rapid Response 311 

Can your agency resolve any 311 issue with just a few clicks?’s one-stop 311 solution empowers agencies to provide a convenient and user-friendly way for citizens to connect with their government. Whether they prefer to call, text, email or tweet, citizens can submit their inquiries, requests, ideas and feedback over any channel and know that they are being heard.are quickly able to deploy a 311 portal that serves as a single point of entry for constituents, whether they would like to report a pot hole, request a permit, file a noise complaint or find out about assistance programs.

Integrated websites and mobile apps give citizens clear visibility into the status of their inquiry as it moves through the system. This is made possible by the agile Salesforce Platform, which provides a 360- degree view of each citizen, extensive service analytics, and a secure internal collaboration network that helps agents get the information they need to serve citizens faster.

The heart of an effective 311 solution is customer service. As the leader in the 2012 Gartner Magic Quadrant for CRM Customer Service Contact Centers, has been proven to deliver 36% improved agent productivity, 36% decrease in support costs, 37% faster case resolution and 34% increased citizen satisfaction.’s 311 solution helps city, state and local government agencies delight citizens with outstanding service, faster inquiry resolution, and all the benefits of the world’s most trusted cloud computing platform.


Salesforce Communities for Government

Created by and for the people, government agencies must be able to collaborate and manage relationships with constituents, volunteers, employees, partner organizations and other agencies. Regular communication is not just expected; often it is mandated by law. What if you could leverage a single platform for all incoming and outgoing communication, from public notices and announcements, to internal policy changes, constituent surveys and more.

In the social and mobile age, citizens have come to expect more from government agencies. They are no longer willing to wade through paper-based processes in order to access services. Does your agency collaborate openly and seamlessly?

With Salesforce Communities for Government, agencies can connect, engage, and create social communities everywhere. Partner communities are collaboration portals that allow agencies to engage with business partners or other agencies around strategic initiatives. Get projects done faster while maintaining security and compliance, by customizing which data is exposed to partner organizations. Internal communities increase employee productivity and drive interdepartmental cooperation.

Collaborate in real time around citizen inquiries, internal documents and other data.

Citizen communities capture correspondence from citizens. They are cloud-based, so they easily scale to support any incoming case volume. From one console, agents can engage with citizens across any device or social channel.

Interactions in all of these communities are measured with powerful, built-in reports and dashboards. These tools can easily be configured to provide actionable metrics and meet ever-changing compliance regulations at the federal, state and local levels.’s flagship customer relationship management (CRM) product is the core of the Communities solution. Recognized by Gartner as the #1 CRM system and by IDC as the #1 cloud platform, provides the most comprehensive suite of collaboration solutions, which have been proven across over 500 government organizations.


 Government Social Command Center

In the 21st century, government agencies cannot be effective if they do not maintain a consistent social media presence. In order to be fully in touch with their citizens, agencies need to be able to monitor trending topics and analyze public sentiment around key issues. Then, they need to participate in these ongoing conversations, identify and engage top influencers, publish relevant multimedia content and respond to adverse events and crises instantaneously.

Millions of conversations about government are happening on social channels every day. Is your agency engaging?’s market-leading social media monitoring and engagement solution allows agencies to integrate social media channels into their preexisting communication strategy, and turn insights into action. More and more, citizens expect to be able to interface with government over social channels. An unanswered tweet is as bad as not picking up the phone to respond to a service call.

Having a Facebook page for your agency is no longer enough. Agencies need an integrated platform that allows them to bring government to where citizens spend their time, and provides real analytics and metrics that measure returns on social media investment.

Federal, state and local agencies across the country leverage Salesforce in their social media command centers. Once an agency operationalizes social listening and engagement, the applications are endless. From crisis management to public safety to economic development, agencies that embrace social tools see improvement at every level and simply get more done.


Platform Mobile Services for Government

Innovation doesn’t happen on its own. It requires an investment of time and money that many government agencies, burdened by costly legacy IT infrastructure, just do not have. In the private sector, companies have adopted cloud platforms that allow them to innovate at the speed of social.

Public sector IT departments need to do the same. But how are they ever supposed to develop new apps when just keeping the lights on uses up a majority of their resources?

With the Platform Mobile Services for Government, your agency can develop apps that are fast, social, mobile and integrated to virtually any other system. Save on development time by downloading apps that other agencies have already designed with the AppExchange. The Platform’s intuitive design allows you to deploy all the apps your agency needs in weeks instead of months, and with clicks instead of complicated code.


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Wayne Schulz is a consultant who writes about the ERP industry and technology related news.