Sage City: The Ultimate Collaborative Meetup For Sage Customers

sage city idea exchange

The second year of Sage City, a collaborative gathering where customers are encouraged to meet in small groups to discuss very specific business issues of interest, may just have enough pull to attract even more customers to Sage’s annual Summit conference.

Thing about this – customers are always interested in learning more about what their peers are doing. How they use the software. How they like the Sage products. How they use their software to solve real world problems.

Sage City is designed to bring customers together in a collaborative environment to begin sharing ideas. If Sage can keep these customers connected (which part II of Sage City wil attempt by offering an online component) to each other and to Sage – they may well see not only increased conference attendance but a greater customer willingness to purchase more product from Sage.

This is a concept worth keeping an eye on. If you’re attending Sage City you should volunteer since Sage have indicated that partners will be allowed to participate in this collaborative event.

Wayne Schulz is a consultant who writes about the ERP industry and technology related news.