Who Is The Best Cloud Vendor? Even Analysts Can’t Agree

cloud evaluationHow are customers supposed to evaluate the claims of cloud vendors if analysts don’t seem to be able to agree?

Here’s Forbes naming Intuit as the best in cloud (in the company of competitors such as Oracle, SAP, Info).

The Worst (And Best) Enterprise Cloud Strategies

Here’s Dennis Howlett proclaims Intuit as having “Lack of cloud smarts”
Intuit’s lack of cloud smarts is painful

Both of these articles were written in the same week.

And lastly with respect to Sage I ask how they cannot be in the running with the Forbes list? At first I thought that perhaps Forbes only ran down enterprise level apps but they get to Intuit which not only is distinctly NOT enterprise but also really not very big outside of North America.

I’m puzzled by the absence of Sage from many of these articles (and yes I understand well that Sage may not be considered to have a SaaS offering but still seems like they should be showing on the radar and they just don’t seem to).

Wayne Schulz is a consultant who writes about the ERP industry and technology related news.