When Will LinkedIn Improve Group Administrator Tools?

linkedin admin

If you administer LinkedIn groups of any size you’ve probably noticed an annoying lack of tools allowing you to review questionable discussion content from brand new members  before it is posted to your group.

Due to the vast amount of spam and blatant self-promotion from new members  most LinkedIn discussion groups are forced to moderate new member content for a certain number of days. During this time any new discussions from the members are held for moderation and require approval before being posted live.

There are three main discussion areas: Discussions (the main area which receives virtually all of LinkedIn’s traffice, Promotions (self-promoting posts about member businesses – webinars, etc) and Jobx.

Unfortunately most new users mistakenly place promotional posts into the discussion category which can result in active members either leaving your group or complaining about “spam” in their discussions.

LinkedIn will flag new posts from members who have few contacts or are new to your group  (see image above) however the problem is many posts can include links to marketing “landing pages” or other “request more information” which you might require to be more properly categorized as promotions. Unfortunately LinkedIn’s moderation tool doesn’t allow you to click on those links before posting the discussion – which means that spam content is potentially approved for a short time and viewable to members.

What I hope LinkedIn will do is improve the administrative tools so that moderators of their discussion groups have something like a “preview” button which shows the content prior to making it live into the main discussion areas.

Wayne Schulz is a consultant who writes about the ERP industry and technology related news.