T-Mobile $30 Unlimited Text/5GB LTE/100 Voice – No Contract Deal

Provided you are in a strong T-Mobile coverage area and don’t talk on your phone more than 100 minutes a month – this may be the best no-contract (non-grandfathered) smartphone plan you’ll ever see. You’ll need your own T-Mobile compatible phone as this deal is for service only and requires that you bring your own device (I suggest a Nexus 5 for Android users or iPhone 5S for iOS addicts).

Included are unlimited text, up to 5 GB monthly LTE data (this is the deal part) and 100 voice minutes. Just a warning – T-Mobile coverage is sketchy in some areas. If you live and travel primarily in the city or along well populated highways you’re likely ok. If you are out in the sticks – you probably should use another carrier or proceed cautiously with T-Mobile.

T-Mobile $30

Wayne Schulz is a consultant who writes about the ERP industry and technology related news.