CIOReview: Automated Email Marketing Gone Wrong



I’m somehow stuck in autoresponder land receiving emails from someone claiming to be Steve Miller from CIO Review. Oddly enough he has identified our non-profit 90 Minds Group as a potential candidate for the Microsoft Solution Providers 100.

Too bad 90 Minds is made up almost exclusively of Sage partners. A perfect example of scraping the web for email addresses – gone bad. Did I mention that a nominal sponsorship fee of $3,000 is also being requested?

Crazy – emails below. 

Hello Wayne,

How are you doing? Good to connect with you. I am Steve Miller from CIOReview, an enterprise technology magazine published from Fremont.

CIOReview magazine is coming up with a special edition on Microsoft. As part of this issue, we will present 100 Most Promising Microsoft Solution Providers.

In the last few months our editorial research team has analyzed over a 3000 companies providing solutions for various Microsoft products and shortlisted companies that are at the forefront of tackling customer challenges. We are glad to let you know that your company has been shortlisted based on merit to be part of Microsoft Solution Providers 100.

The Top 100 Microsoft Solution Providers will be profiled in the July Special Edition of the CIOReview magazine. The company profile will provide in-depth perspective about the company’s product offerings, strengths and unique proposition to customers worldwide. The same profile will be showcased in the digital version on the magazine as well (

Please note: We will have a listing page in the alphabetic order of the company names. You may wish to highlight solutions you provide for a particular category of Microsoft products: Dynamics ERP, Dynamics CRM, Azure, SharePoint, SQL Server. You may choose to highlight multiple categories. You may also propose a custom category that best suits your company positioning. In the Certificate of Honor that we will provide, we will recognize your company as ” Microsoft Solution Providers 100″. Additionally we will also mention “Most Promising Solution Providers for the category (ies) you choose.

We do seek a nominal sponsorship of $3000 towards additional benefits.

1. Inclusion in the Microsoft Solution Providers 100 in July special edition of CIOReview magazine
2. Print ready high-res PDF and full reprint rights for one full page profile in the print magazine and online magazine about your company, along with CEO picture.
3. Winning companies will also receive Certificate of Honor.
4. We will provide a sample press release with a quote from our Editor-in-Chief that can be used by you for media circulation.
5. One full-page page advertisement in the magazine that can be utilized (anytime in 2014).

Please note: If you are attending Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference to be in Washington, D.C., between July 13-17, 2014, then you may effectively use the reprints to reach out to potential customers.

Once you confirm over email, we will send you a contract form to sign.
We will then request you for an interview time with your CEO/ senior executive with our editorial staff.
Based on the interview, we will send you draft of the company profile for review.
In case you are not available for the interview, you can send the answers over email.

June 6: Last date for participation
June 18: Last day for receiving content (profile)
July 1: Launch of the special edition on Microsoft Solution Providers

Please do let me know if you would be interested in this and I am open to have a discussion with you on the same.

Looking forward to hear from you,


Wayne Schulz is a consultant who writes about the ERP industry and technology related news.

8 Replies to “CIOReview: Automated Email Marketing Gone Wrong”

  1. Hi,

    I received this as well. I went straight to to see if it was real. Did you actually move forward with this for your organization?


  2. Yep. Same here.One article on BYOD policiesand I am in the top twenty BYOD providers.. For $3000.

  3. Yeah – I got an email pretty similar to this as well. Apparently my company was shortlisted for top 100 sharepoint companies – and all I needed to do was pay a nominal fee of $3,000 ( excuse me while I fall out of my chair laughing) to get some placement / advertising space.

    Can we say SCAM?

  4. Your comment is awaiting moderation.

    I’d like to say something about this.

    If it’s an automated email, there are chances that I would go to wrong hands. I call it “technical error” or “technicians error”.

    Besides, If you want to “eat” you gotta “buy it”. And you pay for it because it has it own charges. Nothing comes for “free”. For every service, there are people working behind it. And people don’t work for free.

    My conclusion is, It’s not a SCAM. It’s the charges you pay for the people who’s working behind those articles.

  5. Thanks for writing Wayne. I received the same email. It looks to be a legitimate web site and service but good to check out and we won’t be committing any funds.

  6. Scam?? Maybe not quite a scam, more somewhat a misrepresentation. Have you been identified because of thorough research of the best of “XXX” companies. Of course not, if that was the case you wouldn’t get an automated email or need to sponsor the result. Its basically paying to be on this list of qualified companies. I’m sure everyone has seen in those airline magazines “best steakhouses in the US” or something similar. I’m sure they are all good steakhouses but no independent food critic actually rates them above the others, they pay to be noted as the best.

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