QuickBooks App For Mac – Eventual Heir To QuickBooks For Mac?


Intuit pushed out a press release today announcing “availability of the new QuickBooks app for Mac, a brand new app designed for the Mac OS that brings the power and benefits of the QuickBooks Online ecosystem to Mac users“.

Is this an early indicator that QuickBooks for Mac is slated for retirement? Nothing in the press release indicates that this is so – except that the product landing page for QuickBooks App for Mac suggests that it’s an upgrade from QuickBooks 2014 for Mac.

Here’s the portion of the landing page for the new QuickBooks Mac App touts it as an upgrade from QuickBooks for Mac 2014.



As near as I can tell by looking at the press release and description in the Mac App Story (here) the QuickBooks App for Mac is most likely some type of wrapper around the QuickBooks Online web based solution.  Good clues are the that press release touts it as “brings the power and benefits of the QuickBooks Online ecosystem to Mac users”. Leading me to wonder why Mac users couldn’t just access QuickBooks Online via a web browser ?

My question now is whether we might see an eventual phase out of the QuickBooks for Mac application in favor of the QuickBooks App for Mac.


Wayne Schulz is a consultant who writes about the ERP industry and technology related news.