Sage Announces Salesforce Deal

towel_throwSage this morning announcing an agreement with Salesforce (a) whereby colleagues across Sage will use Salesforce’s Customer Success Platform and (b) Sage will undertake development work on the Salesforce1 platform to extend its capability in delivering cloud solutions to the small and medium-sized companies market.

This is all well and good though the unanswered question is what happens, if anything, with the company’s own Sage CRM product which had been anointed a global CRM solution amongst all the Sage products.

Seems as if reselling Sage CRM might be a tougher proposition seeing as Sage has issued a press release touting  adoption of a competing CRM.

So far as I’m aware this wasn’t fully discussed in Dublin at the Sage CRM Bootcamp which just wrapped early last week.

Developing. I’m sure more to come.

Wayne Schulz is a consultant who writes about the ERP industry and technology related news.

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