Did The Sage Inspire Tour Run Out Of Gas? UPDATE: Yes.

Sage Inspire 2015

Sage once again set out on an ambitious 14 city tour to meet with customers across the country which began in November 2014 and was slated to end in May 2015 with a total of 14 stops. The Sage Inspire Tour 2015 agenda included product roadmap sessions for Sage 100 ERP, 300 ERP and 500 ERP as well as numerous sessions on integrated solutions.

Sage Summit was just the beginning! This time, the Sage team is coming to you. You’re the rockstar and we can’t wait to meet you, so we’re hitting the road to bring you inspiration year-round. So get your team out of the office, get inspired, and let’s blow the doors off your expectations.

We’re not here to talk business fantasy. You have real-world business challenges, and our experts are ready to dive in and share ideas about workable solutions.


Presently the Sage Inspire website is displaying only 10 days of the tour (14 were originally scheduled and had been displayed as late as the  March 2015 channel newsletter to partners). Two sources tell me the remaining 4 have been cancelled. A partner scheduled to attend one of the reportedly cancelled events  (with customers) says they have not been notified of any cancellation as of yet.

FYE 14 - Inspire Tour

The original agenda – still viewable internally showed the following 14 stops:

    • Washington D.C. – November 4 (event completed)
    • Philadelphia, PA – November 6 (event completed)
    • Los Angeles, CA – December 9 (event completed)
    • San Francisco, CA – December 11 (event completed)
    • Seattle, WA – February 3 (event completed)
    • Vancouver, BC – February 5 (event completed)
    • Houston, TX – March 10
    • Charlotte, NC – March 12
    • San Juan, PR – March 24
    • Chicago, IL – April 7
    • Cleveland, OH – April 9
    • New York, NY – April 21
    • Toronto, ON – May 19
    • Montreal, ON – May 21

A quick review of the Inspire tour website shows  four cities seem to have been dropped from the tour. Their registration pages no longer are viewable though the New York and Toronto stops still appear to be accepting registrations for Inspire.

The four cities no longer appearing on the schedule:

San Juan, PR – March 24
Chicago, IL – April 7
Cleveland, OH – April 9
Montreal, ON – May 21

Update: It’s official


Inspire Tour Cancellation

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