Sage Summit 2015 Will Be “Global”

Inspire Tour Cancellation

Yesterday’s notification from Sage that certain of their remaining Inspire Tour meetings had been cancelled also disclosed  new information about their upcoming Sage Summit 2015.

From the email sent to select participants:

…this year it’s going to be Sage’s biggest event ever! We’re going Global and it’s going to be amazing! With Sage Summit 2015, you will have a fantastic opportunity to connect in person with amazing entrepreneurs who power the economy, create jobs and help countries prosper. Imagine our customers, prospects, partners, and the entire Sage ecosystem from around the world — all together at one single, dynamic event, which will be bigger, better and more inspiring than ever before..

Based on this description we expect to see more products and offerings from around the world spotlighted at Sage Summit 2015 in New Orleans on July 27-30, 2015.

Wayne Schulz is a consultant who writes about the ERP industry and technology related news.

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  1. Hi Wayne, it was a tough decision to cancel the Inspire Tour stops. It just means that Sage Summit 2015 will be bigger and better than ever!

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