Sage and Salesforce Talk Sage Life on Salesforce 1 Platform



Sage CEO Stephen Kelly and Salesforce CEO Marc Benioff today met in what was billed as a fireside chat. The topic? The newly announced Sage / Salesforce partnership – which apparently will kick off with a product named Sage Life due for general release in Summer 2015 on the Salesforce One platform. The new product will be structured for 10 to “a few hundred” employees.

Existing Sage products continue to be slotted into where on premises are more appropriate.


Sage Life is a unique, socially-powered, mobile control centre that defines a new area of social business and real-time accounting.




Kelly indicated that the decision to run on the Salesforce platform and having 3 million apps built on the platform gave Sage the courage to move to Salesforce as a platform.

” the new tool called Sage Life will be as important to small businesses as the iPod was to consumers”. -Stephen Kelly

When asked about  future plans for Sage One Kelly went on to position Sage One as a good solution for one or two person companies with micro accounting cash book type needs.



Question from the audience is

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