Sage Life Twitter Chat with Stephen Kelly

In a public Twitter session this morning,  Sage CEO Stephen Kelly took questions about Sage’s recently announced Sage Life solution.


If you didn’t stop by for the Twitter Q&A  – here are my  takeaways (search Twitter for hashtag #AskSKelly to view the actual tweets and responses ) :

1. Pricing, other details

Plan for  Sage Summit announcements

2. What are the three main benefits of Sage Life?

a. real time accounting
b. smash wall between back & front office
c. #SageLife gives you your life back.

3. Sage Life is targeted primarily at new customers

4. Where is product development

Global product development :

a. San Francisco
b. Atlanta
c. Barcelona
d. Newcastle

5. Can Sage Life be used by a small retailer?

1,000% – come to Sage Summit to see

Wayne Schulz is a consultant who writes about the ERP industry and technology related news.