Enterprise Software Podcast #25: Microsoft Never Sells Off A Product, Possible Salesforce Deal More Scary Than Dynamics Reorganization

Enterprise Software Podcast LogoAnother edition of the Enterprise Software Podcast has been posted. For this episode hosts Bob McAdam, Todd McDaniel and Darcy Boerio chat with Dynamics GP consultant Mark Polino  and Hal Howard about  recent changes at Microsoft – and more specifically the impact on the Microsoft Dynamics and CRM product lines.

While consultants tend to be overly optimistic about the products with which they love, the podcast gives some good candid insights into the Microsoft Dynamics market as viewed from a consultant

Here’s a summary of their thoughts:

  • Re-alignment of Dynamics products makes it tougher to get rid of ERP (vote of confidence?)
  • Microsoft has never sold a product off (or at least the ones it did sell aren’t likely to come back as meaningful competitors to the money making “Microsoft Stack“-  advertising isn’t  a product?)
  • Potential acquisition of Salesforce by Microsoft is more scary for those who sell Microsoft CRM
  • The Microsoft bid for Salesforce.com seems realistic since big companies with $90 billion in revenues looking to grow 6% need to make big acquisitions and Salesforce would have been one.


The full podcast is worth a listen – each episode is about 30 minutes and available in iTunes (subscription) or via the  Enterprise Software Podcast website.


Wayne Schulz is a consultant who writes about the ERP industry and technology related news.