Slush Puppie Trades Sage, Epicor for Netsuite OneWorld



Slush Puppie UK has manufactured and distributed frozen treats to the US since the 1970’s. Recently Computerworld reports that the company underwent a change in accounting systems – trading in Sage 500 and Epicor Express ERP for Netsuite OneWorld.

The trade appears to have happened in response to recent acquisitions by the company signing a new deal with Coca Cola to distribute their products in Europe.

Of particular note in the article is the repeated use of the term “legacy” and description that:

The organisation struggled to determine its stock, costings, profit margins and asset management with the legacy Sage product, which required several developers to build applications to firefight. Reporting took up the time of more than one full-time employees time, simply to pull data into spreadsheets.

Slush Puppie has had 40 employees using Netsuite OneWorld since January 2015.

benefits to hosted solutions far outweighed any security concerns, and automatic upgrades and improved availability from Netsuite were the main drivers. “For us, hardware doesn’t make sense,”

via: ComputerWorld UK

Wayne Schulz is a consultant who writes about the ERP industry and technology related news.