Sage Summit 2015 Attendance: 7,260


Sage Announces 7,260 Attendance for Summit 2015

Sage today announced 7,260 attendees at their Summit 2015 conference which is slated to kick off today 7/27/15 with a partner day. Tomorrow 7/28/15 the conference will officially open with a keynote from CEO Stephen Kelly.

The attendance announced is pretty close to the initial 7,500 Sage estimate (though a few thousand short of the 9,500 the New Orleans Convention & Visitors Bureau had posted on their site). Considering the warm temperatures and sweltering humidity in New Orleans during July 2015 (81 degrees at 6am – “feels like 106” at 1pm – the turnout appears exceptional.

Overall coordination appears much improved over prior conferences. Satellite registration at the Hilton went smoothly with only a few lines to contend with.

The conference App has seen heavy usage and seems likely to be a huge aid to Sage in connecting attendees.

If you are not “on the ground” in New Orleans – you can watch many of the keynotes online

Wayne Schulz is a consultant who writes about the ERP industry and technology related news.