Sage Stumbles in Oz: Sidewalk Visual Pollution Accusation

Sage sidewalk


Sage may have stumbled in Sydney Australia over a sidewalk campaign advertising Sage One Online Accounting. According to Smartoffice, sidewalk stickers appeared over the weekend accompanied by footprint stickers advertising Sage One and advising viewers to “Collaborate. Advise. Succeed”. 

Sue Wright who works in the building said “This is out and out visual pollution that should not be allowed. If every Company was allowed to daub posters onto the pavement could you image what our streets would look like”. 


Wayne Schulz is a consultant who writes about the ERP industry and technology related news.

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  1. Obviously this is something that should have been presented to the local officials for approval before the campaign was launched. If that wasn’t done, the signs should be removed immediately. If it was done, then that fact should be brought out immediately. If local sentiment is against it, get rid of the signs.

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