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schulz consulting mas90 consultantI’m Wayne Schulz. A consultant for a top brand of ERP Accounting Software.

With clients located all across the United States I  specialize in providing fast responses to technical support issues.

I’ve been named an Accounting Technology Pacesetter for the last four year’s running. I’m probably one of the only recipients to be named who is under 5 people in total size (we have 3 people).

During my career I’ve “enjoyed”  being referred to (snidely) as a Lifestyle Consultant by both vendors and competitors.

While the vendors and competitors mean the term in a derogatory manner – often using it as a shorthand to describe someone who doesn’t move a high number of boxes of software, I’ve  felt the ability to maintain integrity with clients is more important than winning a sales award, a handshake with top management and a trip to Hawaii.

I’ll buy my own trip thank you very much.

Over 100 clients ranging in sizes from start-ups to over $400 million dollars can’t be wrong.

They’ve chosen me and my  firm to provide advanced technical support for their accounting systems. That’s the only type of award that I need.

What The Heck Is A Lifestyle Consultant?

I’m still not really sure what a Lifestyle Consultant is.

Am I one because I love my job and work from pretty much anywhere servicing clients who seek me out?

View my FriendFeedOr is “Lifestyle Consultant” supposed to describe a consultant who has chosen early retirement based on their fat loose flowing revenue stream of maintenance margin and who now lives in Florida and collects monthly checks from the mail box while on the way to the beach to scour for loose coins with a metal detector.

Maybe Lifestyle Consultants mean someone who just sits back and collects the commission checks while working another job? I’m not sure how this happens since last I checked software vendors weren’t paying out margin to consultants who weren’t authorized in some manner (training, sales, etc).

So I’m left sorta puzzled.

What exactly does a Lifestyle Consultant mean?

Is it anything more than the ERP equivalent of a slur to throw out to describe someone you’d rather not compete against?

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