Credit Card Processing Integration Storm Brewing

Although it’s been discussed for well over a year there appears to be some amount of backlash brewing over Sage’s recent decisions about credit card processing integrations.

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Online Business Backup Solutions


I normally hate these type of cartoons – but I think it works well to make a relatively mundane backup service understandable and interesting. Good job.

Is VIP The New Beta At Sage?

Those of you on the Sage Mid-Market call on April 19, 2013 might have caught another mention of the term VIP in relation to product rollouts within Sage. Presently there is one active VIP product test which I’m aware of.

Shortly it looks like there will be another.

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Sage Has 2014 Product Update Plans For DacEasy

Sage DacEasy

At last year’s Sage Summit DacEasy was one of the products  identified as having reduced investment over the next few years. This has recently had some question how soon “the next few years” would be over. I’ve asked Sage about any plans for Dac Easy and this is what they had to say.

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Another Sage Executive VP To Depart

Another Sage executive has been quietly informing the partner channel that they will depart within the next couple of weeks.

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Sage Mid-Market Quarterly Sales Recognition and Business Update

Sage 04192013 Webcast


If you were unable to attend the Sage Mid-Market ERP & CRM Solutions Partner Recognition and Business Update Webcast – here are the notes from the event.

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Sage Announces 4,000th Sage ERP X3 Customer At Global Conference

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Sage Summit Relocates North For 2013 Conference

Sage Atlas Portal Wins cRazzie Design Award


Paul Mitchell, CSEO,  Sage North America


IRVINE, CA, April 1, 2013 – Sage Software, an investment holding company  which collects royalties on software maintenance, announces the receipt of the first annual Software Channel cRazzie Award for their Atlas Portal project.

Winning the cRazzie for design means that Sage Software have finally been recognized for their 17 year project to convert a working knowledgebase and customer management system into a dysfunctional portal which can be accessed by almost nobody.

According to Paul Mitchell, Sage’s newly appointed Chief Shareholder Experience Officer, the Atlas Portal wildly exceeded all of Sage’s goals of driving down bandwidth and internal maintenance costs.

Mitchell noted “If nobody can figure out how to access the damn thing then Sage saves plenty on maintenance and bandwidth.  That’s money which can be paid as executive  bonuses , used for share buyback plans and pay consultants to produce studies showing how Sage is on the right path to growth. A win win”.

When asked about future projects Mr. Mitchell stated that the same team involved with  the Atlas portal have recently finished the Sage  University site – also known as Sage Collective Resource Education Workshops University (aka SCREW U) . Sage is in the midst of rolling out a mandatory $ 3,500 (per consultant) competency course to teach consultants about the new university site  titled “Fully Operational Collaborations Uniting Sales aka FOCUS“.

This new course , accessible only with Internet Explorer 1.0, needs to be completed by all Sage partners before the end of business  today or partners will be subject to a penalty.

When asked about the use of Internet Explorer 1.0 as the sole browser choice for  SCREW U, Mr. Mitchell stated  “You’re the first one to ever complain about that. All the other partners and consultants love Internet Explorer 1.0”.

Mitchell  clarified that more formal notice of this mandatory certification will be sent sometime in June  / July 2013 – or “whenever we feel like quarterly earnings can support a mailing of this size”.  Consultants will also receive the information the next time they call Sage to place an order or request support.

Future Sage projects  include a re-design of the phone system to include triple the present number of menu options, louder on-hold music and a certification course (which can be waived by payment of an annual per consultant $1,000 phone competency fee). Sage views the phone system project as an important way to reduce support call volumes.

It’s Time For Whoever Manages This SAP Project / Support Area to Go

download manager sage

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