Swiftpage, SalesLogix and ACT! Are Now One

Swiftpage closed today on the acquisition of Saleslogix and Act! Listen to Swiftpage President and CEO H. John Oechsle talks about the acquisition and what it means for you.

Sounds a lot like Sage’s strategy with Saleslogix and Act! which was to offer different levels of CRM which a company could grow into.

That strategy worked so well for Sage – I’ve no doubt it will turn out the same for Swiftpage.

Sage has been slow to change, in part because the company respected its partners

steak dinner Here’s an interesting quote from a post via CRMBUYER

The wild card in all this is the partner community. Sage has been slow to change, in part because the company respected its partners and wanted to bring them along at a pace that protected each partner’s revenue stream. The markets, however, have not stood still, and it was time to fish or cut bait. Presumably the company spoke with its partners before making the move.

Note to Sage PR : Upgrading Dennis to the penthouse suite at the next Sage Summit would be a wise decision.

Is the author implying that Sage did not move CRM to the cloud because they respected their channel partners too much?

I guess if this is true – and time will tell – Swiftpage will quickly unveil multi-tenant cloud versions of Act! and Saleslogix.

If  Sage was slow to change to a SaaS model for these CRM products largely because partners demanded desktop versions —  it seems odd that Sage partners (formerly Sage Select) are  taking on SaaS competitors.

Sage Made a Wise Decision

Under No Circumstances Should You Purchase A Windows Phone 8. None.


I’ve had my Nokia 920 which runs Windows Phone 8 for about four months. In that time I’ve given it a decent workout and used it a fair amount. I have to say I’m unimpressed by Microsoft’s attempt at a phone operating system.  The application ecosystem is not only slim (about 2/3 of the available apps seem as if they’re throwaways  designed to fool you into downloading them — thinking you are downloading the real thing – faux YouTube, faux Facebook, etc) but the ones that are there seem like they’d have been cutting edge three years ago (Facebook messages minus group chat? Hello – Microsoft. The 1980s called. They want their chat UI back.).

The Facebook application included with Windows Phone 8 is embarrassing. The Facebook messaging is poor and lacks ability to group chat and frequently disconnects from messaging altogether leaving you to wonder where your chat partner went mid-chat.

The lack of any ability to view all your notifications in one place is deal breaker enough that you really shouldn’t need to read any more reviews before deciding to skip this mess of a smartphone operating system.

To top things off Windows Phone 8 has some crazy bugs that cause it to suddenly stop playing podcasts you’ve subscribed to from the Microsoft store. And if that bug doesn’t get you the headset bug which warbles all sound played after receiving an incoming phone call definitely will.

Sorry, we can’t play this file on your phone. Error code c00d36c4.



The camera is ok but the lens is placed smack in the middle of the phone. Enjoy looking at those pictures of your finger blocking the lens.

In short the user experience has been awful. I’m unable to think of a single person I’d recommend Windows Phone 8 for. Not one. Stay away.

Sage Jettisons SalesLogix, Act!, MIP (Non Profits) in Move To Focus


Sage North America spent an unusual amount of energy and time trying to persuade both customers and channel partners that their July 17, 2012 Sage UK investor day announcement  outlining core and non-core categories of products did not necessarily  indicate a much slower path for some North America products which had been designated as non core.
Some prospects, worried about the negative press and competitor  coverage these Sage proclaimed non-core products have gotten were able to obtain a comfort letter  from Sage about how much the products are loved, have strong demand  and continue to be invested in.

While the letter stops short of promising that the products in question (namely Sage SalesLogix, Act! and MIP) would not be disposed/sold/sunset – it did call into question “competitors who are spreading a great deal of uncertainty and doubt” while adding “we continue to invest heavily in our Sage SalesLogix and Sage ACT! businesses”.

Today Sage UK announced the sale of Sage SalesLogix, Act! and MIP to an investment company and Swiftpage for $101 million. The Sage UK announcement is here. The Sage FAQ is here. Swiftpage announcement here.

Doing some quick math – Sage UK announced that the CRM and Non Profit sales fetched £64.8m* ($101.2 m)  (64.8 / 101.2 = $1.5617 exchange rate seems to have been used) and the net assets were £243.1m ( 243.1 x 1.5617 = $ 379.65 m)  (exchange rate used 1.5617) which at first glance seems to imply a write down that might be close to   $101.2 – $379.65 =  $278.45 million.

Site Changes Effective February 1, 2013


Due to ongoing issues with content being siphoned from this site into third party pay sites – effective February 1, 2013 I will discontinue posting detailed Sage related updates and instead focus on providing this information privately  to interested Sage partners via one of the following:


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From time to time I may post general links regarding Sage news however the main content will only available at one of the above links.




BlackBerry 10 Lines


Whose waiting in line for a BlackBerry 10. Here’s Greg Kyte with his brilliant parody of line sitting. At least I think it’s a parody. BlackBerry 10 is widely expected to be unveiled by RIM at a launch event January 30, 2013 in NYC followed closely by a Superbowl advertisement and widespread availability on Woot.

Tom Miller Retires From Sage Effective March 2013

Tim-Miller-Wayne-yellow-shirtWord is coming out that Tom Miller, Sage VP Channel Management will retire effective March 29, 2013.

Tom Miller came to Sage in 2009 shortly after the arrival of  Jodi Uecker-Rust who had recently joined as president of Sage Business Solution.  Uecker-Rust subsequently departed in June 2010 leaving Miller to hold the fort in a challenging ERP partner environment.

During his tenure at Sage Tom Miller oversaw some less than popular –  though necessary  -changes in partner program terms such as increased educational requirements and a reduction in partner support cases.

Though Sage North America has undergone much change in leadership – Tom Miller was always the steady force for channel partners to discuss issues or request help with Sage concerns. He notably recruited several key Sage executives from Microsoft and worked tirelessly to listen to the concerns of all partners at Sage no matter how big or small.

It does not look as if Sage have announced plans to replace Tom with most existing channel executives being slightly reshuffled to take on new tasks required by Tom’s retirement.

Given that the email announcing Tom’s departure was one of the more glowing executive change announcements from Sage that I can remember I’m thinking this is mostly as stated – a well deserved retirement.

Full release after the break.

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Have Sage Stopped Recruiting MAS 500 / Sage 500 ERP Partners?

sage prospective partner

Have Sage North America stopped recruiting and/or accepting Sage 500 ERP business partners? The concept doesn’t seem all that far-fetched though it’s possible that this Sage Prospective Business Partner Assessment just contains a type and the Sage 500 ERP product line was inadvertently omitted (especially given that other migration candidate products like Sage PRO ERP, Sage PFW ERP, Sage BusinessVision and Sage BusinessWorks are all listed).

Recall that in August 2012 Sage announced a number of products which were soon to be fading into the product sunset. Some sooner than others. And Sage 500 users actually received a “we’ll be here for five years” letter just to re-assure them that their product was not to be immediately discontinued – although Sage is developing “a clear migration strategy for Sage 500 ERP to ERP X3”.

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