Sage Outlines Sage 300c Web UI Design

Sage 300


Sage’s Stephen Smith, Chief Architect Sage 300, outlines the new Web UI for G/L, A/P, A/R, Bank, Tax, C/S and A/S screens in the upcoming Sage 300c 2016 release which is slated for October 2015.

According to Smith, These are true web screens that run in all the main browsers including IE, Edge, Chrome, Firefox and Safari. There are no plug-ins required, everything is pure HTML, CSS and JavaScript. This means you can access these screens from all sorts of devices like Macs, Windows Desktops and Laptops, Chromebooks, iPads, Android Tablets, Linux Workstations, Raspberry Pi’s and many other devices. The operations modules including I/C, O/E and P/O will follow shortly after early in 2016 as part of a Product Update.

Sage More Than Doubles Commitment To Ireland With 300 Additional Jobs

Sage ireland

Sage announced last week the addition of 300 jobs to their already existing roster of 250 workers in Dublin, Ireland. The new positions will bolster the company’s announced digital efforts for sales and support of its global products.

Brendan Flattery, President of Sage Europe, said: ‘These centres will allow Sage teams to collaborate to serve customers quickly and effectively.


Sage Stumbles in Oz: Sidewalk Visual Pollution Accusation

Sage sidewalk


Sage may have stumbled in Sydney Australia over a sidewalk campaign advertising Sage One Online Accounting. According to Smartoffice, sidewalk stickers appeared over the weekend accompanied by footprint stickers advertising Sage One and advising viewers to “Collaborate. Advise. Succeed”. 

Sue Wright who works in the building said “This is out and out visual pollution that should not be allowed. If every Company was allowed to daub posters onto the pavement could you image what our streets would look like”. 


Sage North America Interim President Marc Scheipe Is A Top Gun Graduate, 300 Aircraft Landings, 36 Combat Action Missions

Some of the recent buzz over the departure of Sage North America Interim President Jodi Uecker have focused on the credentials of her replacement, Marc Scheipe. As with any change of leadership there is a question about what directional changes the company could make under a new Interim President.

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BlumShapiro Sells off Sage 100 Customers in Connecticut

blumConsultingIn an announcement circulating today Connecticut based CPA firm BlumShapiro announced that they’ve sold their Sage 100 customer base to another consulting firm.

BlumShapiro is the largest regional business advisory firm based in New England with offices in West Hartford CT, Shelton CT, Boston MA, Quincy MA, Newton MA, and Providence RI.

The industry has changed, and the demands of the market are pushing all sectors to specialization. “We felt that this is the right time and the right partner to which to transition our client base”, according to Jim Clarkson, Consulting Partner for BlumShapiro Consulting, LLC.

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Sage Summit 2016 (Chicago) Offers $99 Registration Fee to 2015 Attendees



Shortly before the close of their annual Sage Summit customer conference Sage emailed those attending with this special offer for Summit 2016 which is July 25-28, 2016 in Chicago, IL .

Register now, and save on next year’s Sage Summit 2016 in Chicago for only $99*.
Take advantage of our generous discount and book your Sage Summit 2016 experience now! It’s never too early to start planning for tomorrow’s success.
*Offer valid for Sage Summit 2015 customer and partner registrants only. Not valid on any other attendee types. Expiring August 30.

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Brad Smith – Global EVP Customer Experience – Departs Sage

03c3d4aSage Global EVP Customer Experience Brad Smith has departed Sage – reportedly July 17, 2015 – after having moved in the Global EVP Customer Experience 5 months ago.

Smith moved to Sage from Yahoo in July 2012 as EVP Customer Experience and spearheaded such initiatives as the Inspire Tour and bus tour which visited local communities and offered customers a chance to learn and interact with Sage products.

In a note to select partners Smith notes “As you know by now I have left Sage. These decisions are never very easy, but I’m confident that it is the right move. Sage is a remarkable company, staffed with remarkable people who are clearly some of the best at what they do. I can’t wait to see where Sage goes next.”


Sage Summit 2015 Attendance: 7,260


Sage Announces 7,260 Attendance for Summit 2015

Sage today announced 7,260 attendees at their Summit 2015 conference which is slated to kick off today 7/27/15 with a partner day. Tomorrow 7/28/15 the conference will officially open with a keynote from CEO Stephen Kelly.

The attendance announced is pretty close to the initial 7,500 Sage estimate (though a few thousand short of the 9,500 the New Orleans Convention & Visitors Bureau had posted on their site). Considering the warm temperatures and sweltering humidity in New Orleans during July 2015 (81 degrees at 6am – “feels like 106” at 1pm – the turnout appears exceptional.

Overall coordination appears much improved over prior conferences. Satellite registration at the Hilton went smoothly with only a few lines to contend with.

The conference App has seen heavy usage and seems likely to be a huge aid to Sage in connecting attendees.

If you are not “on the ground” in New Orleans – you can watch many of the keynotes online

Slush Puppie Trades Sage, Epicor for Netsuite OneWorld



Slush Puppie UK has manufactured and distributed frozen treats to the US since the 1970’s. Recently Computerworld reports that the company underwent a change in accounting systems – trading in Sage 500 and Epicor Express ERP for Netsuite OneWorld.

The trade appears to have happened in response to recent acquisitions by the company signing a new deal with Coca Cola to distribute their products in Europe.

Of particular note in the article is the repeated use of the term “legacy” and description that:

The organisation struggled to determine its stock, costings, profit margins and asset management with the legacy Sage product, which required several developers to build applications to firefight. Reporting took up the time of more than one full-time employees time, simply to pull data into spreadsheets.

Slush Puppie has had 40 employees using Netsuite OneWorld since January 2015.

benefits to hosted solutions far outweighed any security concerns, and automatic upgrades and improved availability from Netsuite were the main drivers. “For us, hardware doesn’t make sense,”

via: ComputerWorld UK

Sage Capital Markets Day – 6/24/15 – Replay Now Available

Sage_Capital_Markets_Day_ReplayThe entire 3.5 hour recording of yesterday’s Sage Capital Markets meeting is now available online. This event was aimed at UK analysts though a significant update was provided on Sage’s global product strategy as well as some KPI metrics for sales of Sage One, Sage Life and Sage X3 (Sage’s announced three go-forward global products).

You can view our analysis and summary of Sage Capital Markets Day 2015 or visit and watch the recording.